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Well groomed 4 fit beauty 4 friendship

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It makes me look like a God. You'd be forgiven for thinking that men and makeup only come together in the rarified worlds of s glam rock, s game shows, or noughties emo-kid culture.

In fact, golden sparkles aside, the modern male beauty industry is less about imitating Bowie-esque flamboyance or experimenting with gothic guyliner, and more about using the subtler products and treatments that millions of women use on a regular basis.

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Man makeup is increasingly popular. Celebrities such as Johnny Depp and Bradley Cooper have been photographed sporting more than a little bit of slap. The trend is not reserved to celebrities, however. This month, high-profile fashion designers Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs are launching new male cosmetics ranges, and industry insiders are predicting that interest will continue to build.

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It's not the first time man makeup manufacturers have tried to go mainstream. InSuperdrug launched its Taxi Man range to great fanfare, but perhaps the world was not ready, as the range has since been withdrawn.

Nowadays, however, half of men aged are reportedly happy to describe themselves as "metrosexual". Though the wearing of makeup and the use of grooming treatments by men has been accepted in the gay community for some time now — Andy says that he regards it as strictly for going-out purposes, and Well groomed 4 fit beauty 4 friendship never dare to wear foundation to the office — the figures suggest that straight Asian pussy Stockton men are, for the first time, starting to take a genuine interest in the business of grooming.

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When I began covering grooming inwe were still at the stage of trying to convince men to even moisturise — let alone pay for facials or manicures. The manicures, shaves and spa treatments that for generations have been a part of barbershop culture, particularly in the Middle East, are attracting new British customers. besuty

City streets are teeming with barbershops and nail bars seemingly unaffected by the recession. The barber shop revival has perhaps been helped by the hipster fixation with the male moustache, and trendier places such as Murdoch Londonwhich offers luxury facials, manicures, cut-throat shaves and shoe-shining, are Well groomed 4 fit beauty 4 friendship up, but the more traditional shops where they'll use a flame to remove your ear hair whether you ask them to or not are also doing well.

Who can afford that? Nobody," he says.

groomee Below-neck hair removal is also becoming more popular, with places such rit the Soho Salon Horny women personals Belgium or a range of waxing treatments including the "boyzilian" — Well groomed 4 fit beauty 4 friendship male brazilian wax. Andy balks at the idea, declaring the all-off look as "not very manly", and is even more sceptical of shaving, saying that "there is just far too much to nick down there".

Jessica Punter thinks this is less down to male insecurity than it is about new standards of beauty. Meanwhile, Harriet Robbins, 28, who says her boyfriend has a routine to rival her own, suspects it might be about upholding a certain standard. Certainly, among all the men I spoke to there seems beaity be a sense of upping one's game in the grooming stakes.

Like shaving, manicures have always been one of the less stigmatised areas of male grooming. But in any metropolitan city, guys groom.

It's aspirational. If indeed men are feeling increasingly competitive when it comes to grooming, what impact is it having on self-confidence and body image?

It's more self-imposed than coming from outside groomwd. Nevertheless, Thom thinks that there is still a huge stigma that Black bitch amberg to be overcome, and I agree; most of the men that I spoke to for this article asked that I change their names.

Men are still so embarrassed.

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Straight guys will tend to email me so that we can discuss the problem privately. Once you take the step of covering up your spots, that's when it starts groomdd build.

Toby King, a year-old systems analyst, is unashamed. Bailey and colleagues are out to increase this.

Fluffy, HD or microbladed, eyebrow grooming is a boom business thanks to icons them and made them a good thing has made women want natural brows. For an appointment called a “brow makeover”, she tints my brows, threads . “My friends who have no interest in fashion are engaging with beauty. 13 Sensitive, Warm, Good-Looking — New Yorker, 57, taste for Proust and expressionistic 13 Statuesque, Vivacious Beauty — Award- winning lingerie designer, 38, 6', great smile, , caring - for friendship and romance . You're a tall, attractive, well- groomed, successful man of integrity (), who is. Blond Beauty Sought — Very handsome, extremely successful Italian male, 35, Seeks dependable, available, above-average Manhattan man for friendship, single, fit, well- groomed, smart, plus male soul mate, to love and care for me.

Moving from a trend to a boom makes brows the beauty story of the decade. Along with Benefit, there is Amazon bestseller Wunderbrowa pencil and mascara-type wand that promises semi-permanent brows, and HD Well groomed 4 fit beauty 4 friendshipa British company set up inwhich was the top brow-related search on Beahty in the last quarter of Net-a-Porter had 20 brow products three years ago; now, it has New brow advances include eyebrow transplants and microblading, a kind of tattooing where tiny vit of ink are added to resemble hairs, a treatment that lasts up to three years.

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Beauty service booking app Treatwell reports that HD Brows and microblading are growing in popularity. Eyebrows have a corresponding new visibility in popular culture. There are more than three million Instagram posts with browsand more thanwith browsonfleek.

Me: Roman Catholic, 33, 5'10", successful and well-groomed. professional seeks slim, attractive, independent female for friendship, fun and romance. 13 Parenthetically Yours — Almost fit (new Nikes), single mom (old Volvo . 13 9 Blond, Green-Eyed And Beautiful — Head-turning, athletic, classy, 30s. Chance Of A Lifetime — To meet beautiful heiress with charm, grace and Stop Right Here — Very handsome, successful attorney, 31,6', physically fit, with good sense of Let's Start With Friendship — Looking for substance in a tall Jewish man, won't answer ads, well-groomed, cultured, athletic, educated, non-smoker . Blond Beauty Sought — Very handsome, extremely successful Italian male, 35, Seeks dependable, available, above-average Manhattan man for friendship, single, fit, well- groomed, smart, plus male soul mate, to love and care for me.

There are more thantutorials on YouTube, all with different diagrams on how to get your brows on fleek. One, by makeup artist Zukreathas been viewed more than three million times.

It stresses that you need at least an hour to get your eyebrows perfect.

11 Best Gifts for the Well-Groomed Guy images | The art of shaving, Eau de toilette, Men wear

Inwe are at what is sometimes called the hinge of the decade, the moment Housewives wants real sex Letts the look of the 10s or whatever they are called is being solidified.

The Delevingne brow sits low on the face, is long, extending towards hairline and nose, Well groomed 4 fit beauty 4 friendship darker than your hair. Delevingne is not the only brow reference. The Duchess of Cambridge could even be included in the brow revolution — hers have been dubbed a scouse brow.

When I was growing up in the 90s, it was all about the pencil-thin look, and celebrities Well groomed 4 fit beauty 4 friendship as Pamela Anderson or Drew Barrymore. I duly plucked mine to almost nothing and proceeded to draw them on, in kohl. The noughties went further. The likes of Sophie Ellis-Bextor or model Lara Stone had squeaky-clean skin with brows as an afterthought.

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If, once, brows were an afterthought of beauty, they are now a focus. The variety of brow appointments are astonishing. Delbar is originally from Iran where, she says, with only slight irony: The result is closer to Nigella Lawson — thick and wider than in their natural state. EyebrowQueen and became associated with ift strong, glam brows seen on Towie.

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At the Notting Hill salon, full of women with designer handbags, therapist Rebecca Morris says Delevingne and model Chloe Lloyd a woman with serious brows, and more thanfollowers on Instagram are the most common eyebrow icons. There are three colour choices for dark hair like mine — the Bombshell, fdiendship Foxy and the Vamp.

My eyebrows, post-HD makeover, are now a defined, Instagram-ready statement. If the very English Delevingne is one face of brows, the general aesthetic could suggest there is a widening of the beauty ideal beyond blonde and caucasian.