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We allow you to send an SMS, call or use whatsapp to make your booking, via the number provided above. You can reserve a booking via a phone call when no one else is around. Or you can sent a text message right from your office desk and no one will know a single thing. We like to make things very discreet for our clients. Hence why we allow you to book in a way that suits you. This is something a lot of other escort agencies to do bother doing. However, we understand the importance of your privacy at all times. Of course, this is why we have based our working ethics around this. Our phones can be reached twenty four hours a day, seven days of the week. We simply never close. Giving you the ability to be able to get in contact with us at anytime you wish to. Which we believe offers you extreme convenience. You can make a call or a SMS to make a booking or to simply ask a question. Where you will be answered promptly by one of our fantastic receptionists. They are there to help, so please do not be scared to enquire or to ask them to help you find the escort who is best suited to you. You will find that our clients matter to us and we love being able to offer you an experience that is joyful, professional and simply no fuss. We love to see clients wanting to return to us and our escorts over and over again. We strive to impress. This is exactly why we are considered to be such a massive name within this niche. We are a cut above the rest in every aspect. Never before has there been a more trustworthy service, that is at all times more that satisfactory. NOTE: At times, our phone lines get exceptionally busy (as you would expect when you are booking with an agency of this calibre). That is why, we also allow you to fill out the contact for below to make a booking or for a general enquiry, also. Making things even easier for you again. We look forward to hearing from you very soon!